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DAO Playmarket 2.0 is a new era of mobile applications

decentralized store of Android apps

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DAO Playmarket 2.0 is a new era of mobile applications

500+ apps will be available at launch.

DAO PlayMarket 2.0 is a decentralized Android App Store that accepts payments in cryptocurrency and is combined with an ICO platform for developers.

PlayMarket 2.0

Honesty. Transparency. Availability.

Personal freedom is impossible without economic security and independence. Therefore, we created an open, censorship-resistant marketplace using blockchain and smart contracts.

Allocation of Funds

All funds raised through the ICO will be used for the marketing program to attract the target audience as soon as possible.

Investors who participate in the crowdsale of the DAO PlayMarket 2.0 will receive dividend income from the PlayMarket Foundation. This fund will be replenished by a 5% commission fee, paid by developers who issue their own tokens of their applications.

The platform will host a built-in crypto-exchange PEX. It will be possible to exchange tokens of the platform and applications to fiat or other cryptocurrencies and back. The exchange will be decentralized, and therefore more resistant to possible hacker attacks.

Advantages for Users

Secure and smooth access to the Mobile App Store

Opportunities of investing in mobile apps and earning permanent passive income

User-friendly interface.

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Advantages for Users
Advantages for Developers

Advantages for Developers

The PlayMarket 2.0 platform allows developers to issue tokens of their app and trade them within the platform.

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Advantages for owners of nodes

The stable operation of the platform depends on a certain number of nodes in the network that ensure the transfer of transactions to the blockchain, exchange of apps and information about them. Owners of nodes receive 1% of income from transactions processed as reward.

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Advantages for owners of nodes


  • 02.2017
    Creating node version 0.1

  • 03.2017
    Creating the website: version 0.1

  • 03.2017
    Creating android app of PlayMarket 2.0 version 0.1

  • 03.2017
    Creating smart contracts DAO PlayMarket 2.0 version 0.1

  • 06.2017
    Updating the website: version 0.2

  • 06.2017
    Updating android apps PlayMarket 2.0 version 0.2

  • 10.2017
    Closed round of financing of $ 350 thousand from partners — Cyber Russia and BitBaza

  • 11.2017
    Issue and distribution of PMT tokens

  • 01.2018
    Listing of PMT on external exchanges

  • 05.2018
    Listing of PMT on external exchanges

  • 05.2018
    Updating android app PlayMarket 2.0 to beta version

  • 05.2018
    Upgrade the node to beta version

  • 06.2018
    Launch of DAO PlayMarket 2.0

  • 05.2019
    300 thousand apps 30,000 tokens 10 million users

For the full version of the development stages, click the link below.

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DAO PlayMarket 2.0 is an internal project of

  • Oleg Linok

    Oleg Linok


  • Aldar Sandanov

    Aldar Sandanov


  • Ilya Solovyov

    Ilya Solovyov

    Chief lawyer

  • Mikhail Vinertsev

    Mikhail Vinertsev

    Smart-contract developer / Back-end developer

  • Alexey Pronin

    Alexey Pronin

    Smart-contract developer / Back-end developer

  • Alex Maynov

    Alex Maynov

    Smart-contract developer / Android developer

  • Anton Khryachkov

    Anton Khryachkov

    Android developer

  • Ilya Molchanov

    Ilya Molchanov

    UI/UX Designer

  • Aleksandr Bragin

    Aleksandr Bragin

    Front-end developer

  • Ilya Mikheev

    Ilya Mikheev

    Technical documentation specialist

  • Rosa Gallyamova

    Rosa Gallyamova

    Technical documentation specialist

  • Nadezhda Meleshkina

    Nadezhda Meleshkina

    Content manager

  • Marina Korsikova

    Marina Korsikova

    Community Manager / Translator

  • Vladimir Mishukov

    Vladimir Mishukov

    Community Manager

  • Arthur Austriewski

    Arthur Austriewski

    Blockchain consultant

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