1. All activities related to the organization of the distribution of Tokens PMT are carried out on behalf of the legal entity - Limited Liability Company "Getway", TIN 7017432019, registered in the Russian Federation at 634059, Tomsk, ul. Internationalists, f. 19, p. 1001-1006.

2. The executors and authors of technical and architectural, as well as visual and logical, marketing and advertising solutions used in the work of the playmarket 2.0 service, as well as in preparation for the distribution of its tokens, are an independent group of individuals united under the common brand Crypton.Studio. Thus, Crypton.Studio provides preparation and implementation of the process of distribution of PMT tokens by order of LLC "Getway", information about which is available on the website ico.playmarket.io.

3. The terms DAO Playmarket 2.0, playmarket mobile app, website playmarket.io are used to determine the decentralized store of android applications playmarket 2.0 and the references to it.

4. The term DAO Playmarket 2.0 is also used to denote all owners of PMT tokens, given that they have common goals.

5. The general list of documents regulating the activities of LLC "Getway" and Crypton.Studio:

a. White Paper - https://ico.playmarket.io/images/docs/wp_playmarket_en.pdf

b. The agreement on distribution of tokens PMT -

c. Rules for using the services of ico.playmarket.io and playmarket.io -

d. Privacy policy and policy regarding the use of cookies.